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How does Legends use my child's data?
How does Legends use my child's data?

Find the links to our Privacy and COPPA policies here!

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Dear Parents,

As a dad of 3, I worry about my kids’ privacy online — and I hate long, unreadable privacy policies that are just a bunch of legalese.

So as the CEO of Legends and a fellow parent, I wanted to write to you — in plain language — about what data we collect from your kids and how we will (and won’t) use it.

Of course, if you want all the details, our full privacy policy is linked below (I’m an ex-lawyer, after all).

Here’s what I want you to know:

  • We will never sell your child's data. Ever.

  • You deserve to have control over your child’s data. You can email us at any time ([email protected]) and ask to see or delete your family’s data, and our team will help. And because we’ve designed the program for parents and kids to start together, when we’re asking them for information about themselves, you’re right there with them.

  • We take data security seriously. We follow best practices for storing your data securely, and only trusted members of our team can access or share it.

  • We’ll collect only the data we need to:

    • Sign your child up for Legends: Your name, their name, their birthday, your phone number and your email address — just the basics.

    • Process your credit card payments: This information (credit card number and address) is collected by our external credit card processor, Stripe. It is never stored on our servers, and we chose Stripe because they have strong privacy policies themselves, which you can view here.

    • Personalize Legends for your child: We’ll keep track of your child’s responses to our activities and assessments - and use that to personalize the program to their interests and needs, give you updates on their progress, and make the program better for all kids.

    • Recognize you when you come back: That might mean collecting identifiers like your IP address, so that we can recognize you when you come back on the same device and sign you right back in quickly.

  • We think data can help improve learning, so we might share program data like survey responses with researchers so they can learn how to teach confidence more effectively. However, any data we share with others will be anonymized — meaning we won’t share personally identifiable information like names or contact information along with your child’s responses.

Finally, we’re an open book. If you have any questions about privacy, or anything else, just ask!

You can send an email to [email protected].

Thanks for reading,

Sonny Caberwal

CEO, Legends

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